Definition of not a thing in English:

not a thing


  • Nothing at all.

    • ‘He laughed to the sky and sauntered away to his home in the night, happy-go-lucky and thinking he had not a thing to worry over.’
    • ‘He had not a thing in the world but bluff and his own ego, his own will.’
    • ‘After you have been holding family meetings for several months, you may notice some week that meeting day has arrived and there is not a thing on the agenda.’
    • ‘We did not hear a jot about that from Dr Brash - not a thing.’
    • ‘So about 18 months later we have this bill before the House, but it will do nothing to change those circumstances - not a thing.’
    • ‘I spent the whole day buying presents for him and the baby - not a thing for myself - all for my two great loves.’
    • ‘His skin was smooth and without calluses; not a thing like Jessam's hands, I knew.’
    • ‘If it is false, then there is not a thing that the government can do to clear its name.’
    • ‘Now after 30-odd years of work he has not a thing to show.’
    • ‘This bill does nothing for youth offending - not a thing.’
    • ‘Di looked the two over and found not a thing in common.’
    • ‘There's not a thing that's magical about a computer.’
    • ‘The Island, like Bay, delivers what's expected, and not a thing more.’
    • ‘This has nothing to do with young people drinking - not a thing; because if it had, the Government would target the alcopops.’
    • ‘And there's not a thing that anyone in Ireland is doing about it.’
    • ‘That happened 18 months to 2 years ago, and this Government did nothing - not a thing.’
    • ‘Actually, there is not a thing for us to worry about on the policy front.’
    • ‘And liberty or freedom would have had not a thing to do with it.’
    • ‘There's not a thing on this world you could have done to stop us.’
    • ‘Even had he not a thing to do that day and business slow, his office itself would have offered any amount of distractions.’
    not a thing, not a single thing, not anything, nothing at all, nil, zero
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