Definition of not a pretty sight in English:

not a pretty sight


  • Not a pleasant spectacle or situation.

    ‘the squid aren't a pretty sight, but they taste tender and rich’
    ‘all directors grow up, and in this film the result is not a pretty sight’
    • ‘She refused any painkiller stronger than aspirin to the very end, and watching her die was not a pretty sight, as those desperately fought-for breaths grew further and further apart.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, with the exception of the Aussies in their semi-final, running rugby has been confined to games in which one team is being pulverised, and that's not a pretty sight either.’
    • ‘I now officially have a tan line half way down my upper arm since I was wearing a t-shirt with sleeves - not a pretty sight…’
    • ‘Just before I get to 7th Avenue, I fall, backpack and stuff toppling on me… not a pretty sight, that's for sure!’
    • ‘It's not a pretty sight on the town's streets to see lines of cigarette butts thrown all over the pavement.’
    • ‘Trust me, I've seen him, it's not a pretty sight.’
    • ‘Commodity economies are typically not a pretty sight.’
    • ‘After all, a writer caught speechless is not a pretty sight.’
    • ‘It's not a pretty sight when left-wing gangbangers march into action to destroy admirable men, but they really have it down to a science.’
    • ‘Either way it's not a pretty sight and can be avoided.’