Definition of not (or not so) bad in English:

not (or not so) bad


  • Fairly good.

    ‘she discovered he wasn't so bad after all’
    • ‘They offer a good range of vegetarian food, the prices are not bad, and they give lovely big portions.’
    • ‘He's actually not bad… which reminds me, I take it you've seen this excellent ad now.’
    • ‘It is not so bad if I space out my work, family and other commitments.’
    • ‘But after a few trips to the toilet and some painkillers it's not so bad.’
    • ‘I left the chillies out from the original recipe and the result was a little uninspiring, but not bad for a first attempt.’
    • ‘That's not so bad for a first show, but we hoped for bigger walkup.’
    • ‘There's still a mad scramble the night before, but it's not so bad.’
    • ‘I hope you had better weather for them than the kind we are having now-a-days, but it is not so bad here considering it is winter.’
    • ‘This was not so bad as the grill was on on quite low.’
    • ‘The replacement sounds I have are not bad; in fact, they are good in their own right.’
    all right, quite good, good, adequate, acceptable, good enough, reasonable, fair, decent, average, tolerable, passable, middling, moderate, sufficiently good, fine
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