Definition of nosed in English:



  • 1in combination Having a nose or projecting part of a specified kind.

    ‘red-nosed clowns’
    ‘the hairy-nosed wombat’
    ‘long-nosed pliers’
    • ‘I passed beside a huge sculpture of a square nosed dog by the station.’
    • ‘He was looking at that pair of needle nosed pliers with a hair in it.’
    • ‘Having a pair of forceps or long nosed pliers in the tackle box is a must.’
    • ‘Personally, I like my presidents big nosed and wrinkly.’
    • ‘I was some snotty nosed kid with an attitude in a subway.’
    • ‘I have since been told that using a pair of pointy nosed pliers is the best way to install it.’
    • ‘I cannot believe in red nosed reindeer flying around the sky.’
    • ‘A blunt nosed knife is unlikely to cause serious injury.’
    • ‘How dare you say the northern hairy nosed wombat isn't worth saving?’
    • ‘Wait till I get rich, I'll fly that crooked nosed plane one day.’
    1. 1.1 Having a sense of smell of a specified kind.
      ‘a keen-nosed hound’
      ‘sharp-nosed police dogs’
      • ‘Thousands of men and women lead keen-nosed hounds into the forest at the beginning of the hunting season for white truffles.’
      • ‘Sharp-nosed dogs searching in the right places likely could have found them from day one.’
      • ‘These two bossy, determined, sharp nosed, short women certainly appear to have much in common.’
      • ‘A keen-nosed dog has hunted down sports equipment stolen from a school’
      • ‘No wonder the keen-nosed pigs who ferret out truffles from the roots of certain hardwood trees are so avid in their work.’