Definition of nosebleed in English:



  • 1An instance of bleeding from the nose.

    ‘she gets a nosebleed at high altitudes’
    • ‘The symptoms of hypertension can include headache, nosebleeds, dizziness, and lightheadedness.’
    • ‘This can restrict airflow and cause snoring, congestion and nosebleeds.’
    • ‘Contrary to popular belief, people with high blood pressure probably do not have nosebleeds more often than others of similar age, but when they do, the high pressure does make bleeding more profuse.’
    • ‘Reduce your dose if you notice signs of excessive bleeding, like incessant nosebleeds or cuts that don't scab quickly.’
    • ‘I treated nosebleeds this way and never had a problem again.’
    • ‘Touching and poking the inner nose can cause nosebleeds.’
    • ‘If your nose hurts, if you begin to have nosebleeds or if the inside of your nose stings, stop using the spray for one to two days.’
    • ‘Anterior nosebleeds occur in the front part of the nose and flow out the nostrils when you are upright.’
    • ‘You might have trouble hearing in one ear, or you might have nosebleeds, headaches, ringing in one or both ears, or you might feel a change in sensation over one side of your face.’
    • ‘Side effects of this drug may include nosebleeds, headaches and stomach pain.’
    • ‘If this phase is severe, signs include eye disease, spontaneous nosebleeds, retinal bleeding, and swelling of limbs.’
    • ‘It constantly spews toxic chemicals into the air here, and the residents I work with suffer from headaches, nosebleeds and respiratory problems.’
    • ‘He's always sniffling and frequently has nosebleeds.’
    • ‘Blow your nose very gently and maintain adequate room moisture to prevent nosebleeds.’
    • ‘You may see blood on your toothbrush after brushing or you may have nosebleeds.’
    • ‘Most nosebleeds happen in the front of the nose.’
    • ‘Side effects, which include nasal irritation, nosebleeds, and headache, are generally mild.’
    • ‘Usually, the congestion, runny nose, and nosebleeds that occur during pregnancy clear up shortly after delivery.’
    • ‘During nosebleeds, pinch the end of the nose and have the child lean slightly forward to keep the blood from flowing down his throat.’
    • ‘Lab tests show a deficiency of all the blood cells, which explains the nosebleeds.’
    1. 1.1North American informal as modifier Denoting cheap seating located in an extremely high position in a sports stadium, large theatre, or concert hall.
      • ‘Texas Democrats - not a great year to be a Texas Democrat - they get the nosebleed seats.’
      • ‘When one is consigned to the nosebleed press section of a college arena, one longs for spies on the bench.’
      • ‘They will be far too close to the Throne and I will be so far up in the nosebleed seats that I doubt I shall be able to see them at all.’
      • ‘My wife and everybody were in the nosebleed section.’
      • ‘Looking at Yankee Stadium (home of the world champion Yankees) it appears you can buy a ticket for one of the nosebleed seats, and then after the game starts pick any seat you want from about row 10 up.’
      • ‘The images are very crisp and detailed in close-ups, but turn mushy soft in some of the long shots that take in the whole stage from the vantage point of the nosebleed seats.’
      • ‘As for those, who sat in the highest row of the nosebleed section, they could still see the action.’
      • ‘He sits in the nosebleed seats of the press stands, specially reserved for reporters from poor foreign publications.’
      • ‘Tickets for the Philadelphia date go on sale in May, starting at $2.50 for the nosebleed seats and topping out at a whopping $5.50 for the floor.’
      • ‘He can play 150 sold-out Eagles shows a year where the cheapest nosebleed seat goes for fifty bucks.’
      • ‘Even the nosebleed seats got a price bump of $3 dollars.’
      • ‘In fact, it'd be so quiet in the huge auditorium that even if you sat in the nosebleed section, you could hear Anne Kursinski grunt as she prompted her jumper to clear his obstacles.’
      • ‘First, please remember that those fans in the nosebleed sections of A.A. would not even be in attendance at either of the other two venues he praises.’
      • ‘I took pictures of performers on the stage of the Hollywood Bowl from my seat in the nosebleed section.’
      • ‘Way up in the nosebleed section, frontmen Luke and Matt pitch a few words to the mag they grew up on.’
      • ‘The stereo mix wraps you up in the sounds of the open seas, whereas the mono mix makes you feel as if you're sitting in the nosebleed section of a stadium.’
      • ‘Light green isn't much better, gaining access only to nosebleed seats at Level Seven and above.’
      • ‘And in the wake of the MTV revolution, major rock shows were designed to appeal to the viewers at home as well as the kids in the nosebleed section.’
      • ‘It took time for hockey fans to get used to the lateral distance from the rink, but the energy of the crowd helped make it easy to follow the game, even in the nosebleed seats.’
      • ‘There isn't a bad seat in the house since you don't have to worry about looking over someone's head or ending up in the nosebleed section.’