Definition of nose cone in English:

nose cone


  • The cone-shaped nose of a rocket or aircraft.

    • ‘The unit has a crushable nose cone, which absorbs the landing on impact, minimizing damage.’
    • ‘When it's stable, I will fire a drogue parachute, which will also come out of the nose cone, to make the craft stable.’
    • ‘The crippled Ferrari emerged into the light with no front wing, a damaged nose cone and the left front wheel dangling uselessly at an angle.’
    • ‘Only the exterior layer of three layers of glass in the cockpit was smashed and the nose cone was not pressurised, so the hole did not affect the aircraft's operation, said the spokesman.’
    • ‘It appeared to be a technological marvel, from its nose cone, which droops for take-off and landing to give pilots better visibility, to its special heat-resistant skin.’


nose cone