Definition of northland in English:



mass nounalso northlands
  • The northern part of a country or region.

    • ‘While all our fellow NYU Master of Social Work students head off to South Padre Island or Cabo San Lucas for spring break, my boyfriend and my gay self are off to the frozen northlands of Maine.’
    • ‘They were marching steadily across the marshy northlands, their pace slowed by the necessity of watching their feet for sinkholes and mud puddles.’
    • ‘The figure stands inside the room known in the northlands as an Arctic entry, a buffer zone between the frigid outdoors and a house, similar to a farm's mud-room.’
    • ‘I grew up in the northlands, a land of fire, ice, and passion, and that fighting spirit seems to just be part of my people.’
    • ‘Paraic McTigue from Castlebar and myself had decided some weeks ago that we would hit the road to the northlands some evening to visit our friend of many years.’


Old English (see north, land).