Definition of north-westward in English:


(also northwestwards)


  • Towards the north-west; in a north-west direction.

    ‘the river flows north-westwards towards Rheims’
    • ‘The frontier ran roughly north-westwards from London into the north-west midlands; Guthrum was to withdraw with his troops behind this line, where he was to be recognized as king of an independent kingdom.’
    • ‘During the remaining weeks of the war, the Red Army and the Partisans gradually drove the Axis forces north-westwards through Serbia and Croatia until the German surrender of 8 May.’
    • ‘Dervaig is around 1hr 20 min drive north-westwards from Craignure, Mull's port for car ferry arrivals from Oban.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this battle had become irrelevant, since Guderian was already pushing north-westwards into France.’
    • ‘My great-grandparents later moved out north-westward, into suburbia.’
    • ‘Looking north-westwards from the summit, across the fjord-like Loch Etive, lies Beinn Trilleachean with its granite sweep of crags known as the Etive Slabs.’
    • ‘The same month Roosevelt approved King's proposals for a Pacific offensive, a strategy summed up by King as: hold Hawaii; support Australasia; drive north-westwards from the New Hebrides.’


  • Situated in, directed towards, or facing the north-west.

    • ‘Due to its excellent stress tolerance, grasslands dominated by L. chinensis are widely distributed at the eastern end of the Eurasian steppe, from North Korea westward to Mongolia and northern China, and north-westward to Siberia.’
    • ‘The extension north-westwards of Edinburgh's age-old traffic congestion was created by building the first road bridge.’