Definition of north-facing in English:



  • Facing the north.

    ‘the studio had a north-facing skylight’
    ‘the centre advises skiers to avoid steep north-facing slopes in the upper elevations’
    • ‘The scheme lies on a north-facing slope at the foothills of the Dublin mountains.’
    • ‘The slopes are mainly north-facing, retain their snow, and rarely become icy.’
    • ‘Herbs don't tolerate north-facing windows, or any window that gets less than four hours of direct sunshine a day.’
    • ‘The spaces are situated on a slope below an existing north-facing house.’
    • ‘This is a narrow, north-facing room with an original iron fireplace.’
    • ‘The drawing is a north-facing view of the Rattlesnake Cliffs.’
    • ‘Vines are often planted on north-facing slopes in the hottest areas in order to slow ripening.’
    • ‘The modern kitchen has a north-facing door that lets in a lot of light.’
    • ‘Most of the accommodation in this area is clustered on a north-facing plateau looking across the Alps to the Rhone valley.’
    • ‘Central to the new building is the two-story atrium, with a north-facing glass wall, where patrons first enter to purchase their tickets.’
    • ‘A north-facing window that is blocked by trees will create a low light condition.’