Definition of north–south in English:



  • 1Extending between the north and the south.

    ‘the main north–south highway’
    as adverb ‘the trail runs north–south through the park’
    • ‘A large central gutter emphasizes the north–south axis of the roof.’
    • ‘The flats are north–south orientated, with living and dining areas located on the south side and the bedrooms to the north.’
    • ‘The thermal chimneys introduce light into the north–south hallway.’
    • ‘Running east-west, this intersects with the major retail strip on Church Street, which runs north–south.’
    • ‘As a result of this north–south migration, familiarity with favorite products from home can prompt consumers to seek these same products when they are down south.’
    • ‘It runs north–south along the length of the peninsula.’
    • ‘The Winter Garden runs roughly north–south, and is designed as a galleria, connecting two squares.’
    • ‘College Street runs roughly north–south along Hyde Park.’
    • ‘The building is composed of two five-story structures connected by three full-lot floors and a north–south bridge at the second level.’
    • ‘The original purpose-made museum building was set up in the 1890s on a site stretching north–south between two streets just south of the main railway station.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to the relationship between the northern and southern parts of the world or of a country, region, or town.
      ‘North–South differences were supplanted by the Civil Rights movement’
      • ‘This film makes for both an absorbing thriller and a potent comment on North–South relations.’
      • ‘Margo finds evidence that the North–South wage gap that became prominent after the Civil War had its origins in the antebellum period.’
      • ‘There's the nagging sectionalism, the North–South bitterness that still raged a half-century after the Civil War and beyond.’
      • ‘California is about to upset the North–South balance by becoming the newest state in the union.’
      • ‘Can you tell me about the North–South theme that plays a part in their relationship?’
      • ‘What continues to be missed are the economic roots of the North–South conflict—roots which represent deviations from the free-trade ideal.’
      • ‘He concludes his review with a number of questions about external versus internal forces and North–South differences in the evolution of fiscal and monetary institutions.’
      • ‘The North–South divide-and-conquer strategy long followed by the EU and US in previous talks failed miserably on a more important front: it didn't contain a workable back-up plan if the developing countries refused to be pried apart.’
      • ‘This makes the whole plot some kind of metaphor for Italy's perennial North–South identity crisis.’
      • ‘Uniquely, the company has a joint mandate from both jurisdictions to bring North–South trade and business development into the mainstream of government policies north and south of the border.’


  • the north–south divide

    • The economic, cultural, and political differences between the north and south of an area or country, in particular between the north and south of England (the south being perceived as more affluent)

      ‘figures showed a clear north–south divide in joblessness’
      • ‘The Archbishop of York has called for a regional government to balance the north–south divide.’
      • ‘Housing provides some of the clearest evidence of the north–south divide.’
      • ‘The picture painted by Sheffield University's survey of social conditions in the UK suggested that the north–south divide was worsening.’
      • ‘The north–south divide is being blamed for robbing Yorkshire of its fair share of Government help to repair a multi-million-pound backlog of damage caused by last year's floods.’
      • ‘Whether or not the north–south divide exists, it is perpetuated through the media.’
      • ‘Indeed, involvement in global trade and finance is often as much a function of class as the north–south divide.’
      • ‘The government could start closing the north–south divide by sending thousands of civil servants to north west cities, say regional chiefs.’
      • ‘Yorkshiremen and women have invented many things down the years, but the north–south divide was not one of them.’
      • ‘House prices in the North West have increased so much that Bolton estate agents are convinced the north–south divide is beginning to get narrower.’
      • ‘The committee chairman has now called for the NHS to tackle the north–south divide.’
      • ‘In many ways, articles in the national media that capitalised on the north–south divide worked to our advantage.’