Definition of Norn Iron in English:

Norn Iron


  • Northern Ireland.

    ‘she's coming over from Norn Iron to Scotland’
    • ‘This is also one of the most beautifully realized movies to emerge from Norn Iron.’
    • ‘The finest bread comes from Norn Iron, and don't believe anything else you hear!’
    • ‘When I flew last year we went over the Isle of Man and Norn Iron, so it isn't just Florida flights that go the same way.’
    • ‘Clamping is not something the car-happy people of Norn Iron will take lying down.’
    • ‘I come from Norn Iron but I left for pastures new nearly 15 years ago.’


  • Northern Irish.

    ‘a distinctly Norn Iron accent’
    • ‘Last night those 15,000 Norn Iron souls made more noise than I've ever heard before from such a crowd.’
    • ‘Last year's winner didn't even turn up for the ceremony so at least our Norn Iron chum and Swiss-based hero have had the grace to attend.’
    • ‘We're so proud of him and his Norn Iron team-mates.’
    • ‘In a UK-wide survey conducted in time for Valentine's Day, 17% of those surveyed had a wee thing for the dulcet tones of the Norn Iron natives.’
    • ‘Web shoppers can now browse the webpage using Norn Iron speak.’


1980s: representing a pronunciation of Northern Ireland.


Norn Iron

/nɔːn ˈʌɪən/