Definition of Norfolk Island pine in English:

Norfolk Island pine

(also Norfolk pine)


  • An evergreen tree related to the monkey puzzle, having horizontal branches with upswept shoots bearing small scale-like leaves. Native to Norfolk Island, it is often grown in Mediterranean countries.

    Araucaria heterophylla, family Araucariaceae

    • ‘I'm on Norfolk Island looking at an enormous Norfolk Island pine, which is taller than most huge buildings you see, going up and up and up to the sky, in fact the girth at the bottom is several metres.’
    • ‘We love Norfolk pines and notice they are fairly plentiful in the area.’
    • ‘If you don't have space to plant your tree in the garden after the holidays, consider the subtropical Norfolk Island pine, which can be grown as a houseplant.’
    • ‘For the past three Christmases I have purchased a small Norfolk pine for decoration.’
    • ‘We had two big old trees in our backyard, an oak tree and a beautiful old Norfolk pine, and I used to spend a lot of my time up those trees, looking at stars.’