Definition of nor in English:


Pronunciation: /nɔː//nə/

adverb & conjunction

  • 1Used before the second or further of two or more alternatives (the first being introduced by a negative such as ‘neither’ or ‘not’) to indicate that they are each untrue or each do not happen.

    ‘they were neither cheap nor convenient’
    ‘the sheets were never washed, nor the towels, nor his shirts’
    1. 1.1
      ‘nor God nor demon can undo the done’
      literary term for neither
  • 2Used to introduce a further negative statement.

    ‘‘I don't see how.’ ‘Nor do I.’’
  • 3dialect, archaic [conjunction or preposition] Than.

    ‘she thinks she knows better nor me’


Middle English: contraction of Old English nother ‘neither’.