Definition of nor'west arch in English:

nor'west arch


  • A distinctive arch-shaped cloud formation often visible in the skies above the Canterbury Plains when a northwest wind is blowing.

    ‘there's some blue far to the west where the nor'west arch sweeps across’
    • ‘The hot, dry winds may blow for several days at a time, heralded by the Nor'west Arch.’
    • ‘Flying into Christchurch, the evening light sliding low and green beneath a nor'west arch, you are surprised to see the Waimakariri, sinuous as an eel.’
    • ‘Through my study window the sun is setting and the nor'west arch is ablaze.’
    • ‘We are maddened by the nor'west arch and obsessed with Mounfort's gothic revival architecture.’
    • ‘The scene is typical of Christchurch late on a nor'west day when the nor'west arch of cloud leaves a clear view of the mountains and the sky gilded by the setting sun.’
    • ‘I will not say Canterbury, take my bones no, not till I've seen the fabled nor'west arch streak across the sky.’
    • ‘You'll not see a nor'west arch over the alps tonight.’
    • ‘The poet sees what we see - the mountain, the flower, the seagull, the nor'west arch.’
    • ‘When the nor'westers come over the Southern Alps under certain conditions the air goes into a wave and creates clouds which are bands across the Canterbury Plains, and eventually the nor'west arch is created.’
    • ‘Look for the nor'west arch over the Canterbury Plains as a signal for these katabatic winds.’


nor'west arch

/ˌnɔːwɛst ˈɑːtʃ/