Definition of nope in English:



  • ‘‘Have you seen it?’ ‘Nope.’’
    variant of no
    • ‘Once could be put down to the carelessness of the paperboy, but twice in one week - nope.’
    • ‘But nope, Beeby shrugged his shoulders and sent him off.’
    • ‘You would think the dog would have leapt to the defense of his master - nope.’
    • ‘Heroism, courage, leadership, nope, won't find none of that here.’
    • ‘No tights, no jeans and a t-shirt, nope, just a thong.’
    • ‘Although the stores have books on hand tonight, nope, they're not going to be available to the public until Saturday.’
    • ‘Everything's plugged in okay, but nope, it's definitely not working.’
    • ‘His point is so completely and self-evidently stupid that I can't even be bothered to point out… nope, I can't be bothered.’
    • ‘I even patted down my pants pockets twice just in case but nope… no such luck.’
    • ‘Nope, nope, nothing could be further from the truth.’
    • ‘Check the box again - nope, it's addressed to me, so that's OK.’
    • ‘I called my boss from Oxford St. I said nope, can't do it.’
    • ‘Not that we would have it with anything, nope, not even hot sauce.’
    • ‘You'd think this ability would translate for me into a useful and marketable skill, but nope.’
    • ‘And nope, literary writers never generate as much fun.’
    • ‘I thought she meant president of the RSPB (who the interview was with) but nope.’
    • ‘Yes, we all went and got makeovers and he was the only one that was like, nope, no one's touching my hair.’
    • ‘You think they'd be over the moon at having a Brit actually winning a major international event, but nope.’
    • ‘I mean, I remember my mom telling me, nope, you can't have that, you can have this.’
    • ‘‘No, nothing, nope, nobody here, nobody here,’ he said, shifting his paws again.’