Definition of nonsense word in English:

nonsense word


  • A word having no conventionally accepted meaning.

    • ‘That's a nonsense word; of course I haven't heard it.’
    • ‘Hans, Dayal and Pravin of Magic Lantern started with Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky with all its nonsense words about a brave boy who slays a monster.’
    • ‘The speaker announced that she would pronounce a nonsense word, baba.’
    • ‘The literal-minded Aphasia is a wall sculpture in which strings of tiny beads bearing individual letters have been arranged to form nonsense words.’
    • ‘No name tickled all our fancies, but we agreed that a nonsense word was the way to go.’
    • ‘Gyre and gimble are nonsense words, made up by Lewis Carroll, and which do not have conventionalized meanings in the language.’
    • ‘To ensure that the kids didn't already know the new words, Horohov and Oetting replaced 16 of the words in the stories with nonsense words.’
    • ‘Although nonsense words lose their novelty very quickly, when first presented they often provoke interest, curiosity, and even some amusement.’
    • ‘He had spent days at a time learning lists of nonsense words, testing himself to see precisely how many he could remember.’
    • ‘Her soothing voice flows over me in nonsense words I do not comprehend.’
    • ‘Expressions of humor through silliness, nonsense words, or rhymes particularly enthrall preschoolers.’
    • ‘He gingerly wiped away the spit with his bib and rolled over, mumbling a few nonsense words.’
    • ‘Surely if it was random, you'd just get a string of nonsense words or something?’
    • ‘Colleen looked disbelievingly at his back, then she looked at Elliot and Ellen, sputtering nonsense words and pointing at him.’
    • ‘Loren stifled a sigh of relief and bowed, murmuring nonsense words.’
    • ‘He spoke gently to the little kitty, soft nonsense words, and put it back down besides its mamma.’
    • ‘I always thought it was just a nonsense word the Hoodoo Gurus made up.’
    • ‘However, she did not recognize any of the titles, because the titles were all nonsense words, a random combination of letters and numbers.’
    • ‘They held a brief conversation, filled with more nonsense words.’
    • ‘The producers just hated having this nonsense word, ‘Phyro-Giants.’’


nonsense word