Definition of noni in English:



  • 1A tropical evergreen shrub native to southern and SE Asia and the Pacific islands.

    Morinda citrifolia, family Rubiaceae

    • ‘I learned that noni is a commonly planted tropical tree used primarily as an ornamental plant for its broad, bright green leaves, affording shade where it's needed.’
    • ‘Its medicinal effects are produced from the noni's roots, stems and leaves.’
    • ‘It's no wonder noni's popularity has increased.’
    • ‘Polly makes a point of educating us on native plants as well, like the kukui nut, whose oil was used by Hawaiians as lubricant and fuel, the noni, and the ti leaf.’
    • ‘The fertiliser will be particularly beneficial for the organic noni growers.’
  • 2The fruit of the noni, used medicinally to stimulate the immune system and as a detoxifying agent.

    • ‘Vimala discovered that the fresh fruit was a better anti-oxidant than all the 10 noni products (including juices, pills and powder) that she tested.’
    • ‘In early clinical trials in Bulgaria, researchers reported that noni concentrate could banish flu symptoms in as little as two hours; and in America, family doctors have reported using it successfully to ward off colds and flu.’
    • ‘Supplements don't contain nitric oxide but some promote its production in the body - products containing arginine or the tropical fruit noni, for example.’
    • ‘For this reason, people with kidney disease or who take potassium-sparing diuretics shouldn't drink noni juice because it can cause dangerously elevated levels of potassium in the blood.’
    • ‘She isn't giving up without a fight; she's scoffing broccoli heads and noni juice and shark liver oil.’
    • ‘The tropical fruit noni contains all three of these types of compounds.’
    • ‘In terms of modern western medicine, noni is believed to be an immune-booster and a potential therapeutic agent against cancer.’
    • ‘As with many fruits, the noni fruit is a source of vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants.’
    • ‘Many claims have been made for noni, including relief of diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and many other illnesses.’
    • ‘Resembling a small breadfruit, noni comes from a hardy tropical shrub that grows with weed-like abandon from Tonga to Thailand.’
    • ‘A 1999 study by Hawaiian researchers found that a polysaccharide-rich compound from noni fruit juice markedly enhanced the survival time of laboratory mice with a specific type of cancer, Lewis lung carcinoma.’
    • ‘The natural remedy you should ensure you have in your medicine chest this Christmas is noni juice, but in its more potent concentrate form.’
    • ‘Their December 2003 publication in the journal Phytotherapy Research indicated that a noni extract produced a cure rate of 25-45 percent in an animal tumor model.’