Definition of non-viable in English:



  • 1Not feasible or practical.

    ‘non-viable investments’
    • ‘The vast outpouring over the last three decades of archaeological evidence relating to the rise of Cahokia renders such models nonviable.’
    • ‘The example I had in mind was the contrast between what happened in Japan and Scotland when it became clear that shipbuilding was non-viable because of cheaper competition from abroad.’
    • ‘Recently, there were attempts to absolutize the experience of military conflicts and to promote certain non-viable and even fantastic ideas.’
    • ‘First on his list old structures that must be torn apart were the state-owned enterprises that created a nonviable economy.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, because these specialists are not well enough versed in the subject under consideration, they can create high-tech but nonviable products.’
    • ‘After 1500, they argue, the number of states declined, because an increase in trade restrictions and a greater frequency of international conflict made small states nonviable.’
    • ‘I'm not saying that this business opportunity is altogether nonviable; I'm sure that they can boast some success stories amongst their licensees.’
    • ‘The proposed break-up would create three non-viable firms out of one very viable and very profitable company, he said.’
    • ‘The third target is to so complicate the process, in the name of safeguards, that the transaction cost will make the supply from a third country nonviable.’
    • ‘Animal consciousness has long been assumed to be a nonviable arena of investigation.’
    • ‘They are nonstandard in the sense that islanders themselves consider them to be generally problematic and economically nonviable family forms.’
    • ‘Firms sold off nonviable businesses or impaired assets.’
    • ‘The second point is that the difference between a viable and a non-viable project is generally less than clear-cut.’
    • ‘We can't try to keep people in nonviable jobs.’
    • ‘In other words, the Whitlam policy was clearly non-viable.’
    • ‘These devices, therefore, became a nonviable option.’
    • ‘Only if those alternatives are found nonviable should abortion be allowed.’
    • ‘In mid 1997 the Canterbury team was discontinued by the company as economically nonviable.’
  • 2Medicine
    (of a fetus or unborn child) unable to survive independently after birth.

    • ‘Since refrigerated seeds last several years you need not worry that any saved seeds two or three years old will become nonviable before its next seed harvest.’
    • ‘Viable and nonviable seeds can easily be distinguished using a binocular microscope, because the latter lack an embryo, whereas viable seeds contain an embryo.’
    • ‘These lines were declared extinct if all three consecutive attempts to transfer worms from the backup plate resulted in nonviable worms.’
    • ‘The T. turgidum nucleus is incompatible with the T. longissimum cytoplasm, producing nonviable progeny.’
    • ‘Similarly, oncological studies show a dramatic reduction in cancer cells after cell-saver processing, with those remaining cells being nonviable.’
    • ‘Following fetal demise in each instance, delivery was medically induced, and a nonviable fetus was delivered without further complication.’
    • ‘The third instance of cord torsion resulted in the delivery of a nonviable, 15.5-week, phenotypically female fetus.’
    • ‘He continues with a discussion of the benefits of discarding nonviable embryos, including those that may be premature or result in low birthweight.’
    • ‘This method of determining the percentage of living cells is based on the knowledge that viable and nonviable cells differ in their ability to extrude fluorescent dyes.’
    • ‘Nonviable cells typically have a compromised membrane.’
    • ‘Degradation of hydrogen peroxide via catalase produced by bacterial cells, including nonviable cells, requires a concerted systems effort by a group of bacteria.’
    • ‘The total number of cells exhibiting transport was thus 73%, while the remaining 27% of cells were nonviable.’
    • ‘When possible, original seeds collected from wild populations were analysed, but for old and otherwise nonviable seed, seed increase stocks were used.’
    • ‘By contrast, at least some nonsynonymous mutations are expected to be strongly deleterious because they damage protein structure and thereby render the cell nonviable.’
    • ‘In this circumstance, the residual tumor is frequently nonviable.’
    • ‘Studies suggest that sputum smears persistently positive despite negative culture results may in some patients be due to nonviable or atypical mycobacteria.’
    • ‘Some lines were barely fertile, as might be expected if loss of the major autosomes was occurring at a high rate, resulting in the production of nonviable aneuploid embryos.’
    • ‘Therefore, as the tissue is processed as a mass, a nucleic acid-based approach usually involves contamination by nonmalignant and nonviable cancer cells.’
    • ‘I do think that unless the fetus is absolutely nonviable outside the uterus, I'd rather never see it done at all.’
    • ‘The clinical improvement and resolution of radiographic abnormalities observed in this study suggest that the positive smears are due to nonviable mycobacterium.’