Definition of non-use in English:


(also non-usage)


mass noun
  • The refusal or failure to use something.

    ‘considerations that determine the present non-use of these sophisticated weapons’
    • ‘In Norway there are monthly cash benefits of up to £294 for parents caring for children aged between one and three where there is non-use or limited use of state-subsidised daycare centres.’
    • ‘Another part of the problem is our non-use of tele- or video-conferencing.’
    • ‘Boutros-Ghali's 1995 Supplement to an Agenda for Peace reasserts the crucial importance of consent, impartiality, and non-use of force to operational success.’
    • ‘The latter is clearly unable to cultivate all the land he has acquired, so Theroux asks him why another landless man shouldn't take some of it, especially as non-use was cited as one reason for invasion.’
    • ‘And according to the report prepared as a breakdown of where efficiency savings could be made, 268 of the phones have not been used in the past three months and there is evidence to suggest that this level of non-use is regular.’
    • ‘The results suggest that even after 30 years of non-use, residual vocabulary knowledge can be found.’
    • ‘But when my mom noticed that the book seemed to collect a lot of dust in my cabinet from non-use, she quit trying to add recipes to it.’
    • ‘Finally, clinicians' perceptions of the dangers of magnesium sulphate may have contributed to the drug's non-use.’
    • ‘We conducted in-depth interviews of young women to elicit accounts of the factors influencing their use and non-use of emergency contraception after problems with contraception.’
    • ‘Over the years, the main explanation of non-use has centred on the notion of nuclear deterrence: states have been deterred from using nuclear weapons because of the concerns of retaliation in kind by adversaries.’
    • ‘It's very clear that non-use of contraception is the biggest factor in crisis pregnancy.’
    • ‘There is evidence that long-standing asthma or non-usage of steroid inhalers for asthma can lead to changes in the structure of the airways and partly irreversible airflow limitation.’
    • ‘A study of college students has shown that skills related to attention, memory, and learning are impaired among people who use marijuana heavily, even after 24 hours of non-use.’
    • ‘We would do a wide array of motion exercises to try and loosen and strengthen the muscles in my neck, which had severely atrophied from non-use.’
    non-employment, lack of use
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