Definition of non-theoretical in English:



  • Not concerned with the theory of a subject; practical.

    ‘conventional, non-theoretical criticism’
    ‘non-theoretical interpretations of mystical experiences’
    • ‘Whereas non-theoretical critics are faithful to the words on the page, theorists see only what their pet doctrines allow them to see.’
    • ‘Theory is here mostly eschewed (although Baudrillard is mentioned once, I believe), but you must not let that tempt you into thinking that this is a non-theoretical piece of cultural journalism, let alone a coffee-table picture book.’
    • ‘Even as a non-theoretical designer there are critics that I do admire.’
    • ‘A significant portion of the chapter is devoted to non-theoretical, in other words, practical, problems that may arise with stratomethods.’
    • ‘How can you produce a non-theoretical theory of justice, one that puts concrete things right in the middle?’
    • ‘His friends take great pains to help Sheldon navigate the non-theoretical world, be it driving him to CalTech or simply adjusting their routines so that Sheldon won't have to change his.’
    • ‘But conventional, non-theoretical criticism often acts as if questions of value are irrelevant, or canonically settled.’