Definition of non-temporal in English:



  • 1Having no relation to time.

    • ‘Non-temporal extrinsic data differ from stratigraphic data in that the linearity and irreversibility of the time element are absent.’
    • ‘Another nontemporal experiment dealt with motivic abstraction.’
    • ‘A non-temporal series, then, has no direction in itself, though a person considering it may take the terms in one direction or in the other, according to his own convenience.’
    • ‘For him a self, as it really is, is a timeless existent; and what appears to it and to others as its successive experiences are really timeless existents, ordered in a non-temporal series.’
    • ‘One interesting and unexpected findings that these results yield is that nontemporal processes seem to develop noticeably before temporal processes.’
    • ‘One of the overarching, though now somewhat obvious, findings of this study is that musical cognitive processes, both temporal and nontemporal, do in fact exist.’
    • ‘Of course, we do also speak of non-temporal 'change', as when we describe the width of a river as 'changing' - 'getting bigger' - as it approaches the sea.’
    • ‘This suggests that these features did not develop over long periods of time but would be better explained by nontemporal processes.’
    • ‘One picture, then, is of the universe beginning in a singular, non-temporal event roughly 13 - 14 billion years ago.’
  • 2Relating to spiritual as opposed to worldly affairs.

    • ‘I do believe that my moral choices have spiritual, non-temporal consequences.’
    • ‘A dozen composers worked on the soundtrack, producing a whole range of songs, many of them about Radha and Krishna, that create an intended nontemporal quality.’
    • ‘By too-often tending to conceive of God as an otherworldly, non-spatial, non-temporal being, he does not articulate well, how pantheistic conceptions of God and their intellectual relatives may also harbor the titanistic attitudes he seeks to criticize.’
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