Definition of non-success in English:



mass noun
  • Failure to accomplish an aim or purpose; lack of success.

    ‘they express regret for their non-success in filling the vacant presidential chair’
    • ‘In regard to your recent coverage regarding the firm's lack of business, the reason for its non-success is simple in the extreme!’
    • ‘The manager must change the style of play straight away or we're going to be consigned to another season of boredom and non-success.’
    • ‘As a result of their non-success, in many parts of the country iron works were closed down.’
    • ‘The last shop I went into had a surprisingly good section of skirts so within 10 minutes (after two hours of non-success) I had bought two lovely skirts and a necklace.’
    • ‘When you look at all the archives you soon see the disgusting situation of non-success for the betterment of farmers.’
    • ‘People always write about my instant success, but there were a lot of years of non-success.’
    • ‘It will be seen that the non-success of the labor unions is due to perfectly natural causes which are inevitable consequences of the wage system of production.’
    • ‘Their record of non-success is supreme.’
    • ‘Is Heather right about the relative non-success of military intervention in other regions?’
    • ‘Most would-be inventors try to tackle something about which they know little or nothing, and in nine cases out of ten this is the secret of their non-success.’
    lack of success, non-fulfilment, abortion, miscarriage, defeat, frustration, collapse, foundering, misfiring, coming to nothing, falling through
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