Definition of non-standard in English:



  • 1Not average or usual.

    ‘people working non-standard hours’
    • ‘It is non-standard, and consumers do not seem prepared to pay any extra for it.’
    • ‘Today more than two-thirds are quoted non-standard rates and weight is playing an enormous role in that change.’
    • ‘A significant proportion of the Irish population cannot afford non-standard dental treatment in Ireland.’
    • ‘Twenty non-standard containers, all having their back doors sealed, were found either on board or loaded on the 20 trucks waiting at the wharf.’
    • ‘There are over 50 approved PRSA products on the market at present, with non-standard products accounting for around 60% of these.’
    • ‘ProCredit Bank also has a non-standard approach in assessment of credit reliability.’
    • ‘A rare colliery badge on the lamp, or a non-standard design can boost the value.’
    • ‘Research labs are also usually relaxed about people working from home frequently, or keeping non-standard hours.’
    • ‘He said the part took time to find because of the non-standard equipment used.’
    • ‘As one of the leading exponents of non-standard car insurance it can call on a large number of insurers.’
    • ‘NBC is airing shows on Thursday evenings with non-standard start times and lengths.’
    • ‘In days gone by I would have ordered the non-standard bobbins my sewing machine uses from his shop and got them in mere weeks.’
    • ‘If options are added on after this they an actually detract from a car's value, particularly if non-standard.’
    • ‘The missing machine cost £230 and is a Silver Saxon Freefall mountain bike with distinctive, non-standard yellow mudguards.’
    • ‘Anyone who has seen field conditions will clarify that non-standard seeds of variable quality are one of the biggest problems facing cotton farmers.’
    • ‘She has a fairly non-standard belief system for a person of her generation.’
    • ‘In the UK, strong growth in non-standard residential mortgages and in commercial lending outweighed the decline in standard mortgage lending.’
    • ‘Thirdly, clients tinker with designs, making them non-standard.’
    • ‘Today, more than two-thirds are non-standard.’
    • ‘The youngsters had to use mathematical techniques to solve non-standard problems.’
    colloquial, vernacular, idiomatic, demotic, popular, dialectal, non-literary
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    1. 1.1 (of language) not of the form that is accepted as standard.
      ‘non-standard speech forms’
      ‘local non-standard dialects’
      • ‘I was already aware of many other non-standard usages that didn't bother me a bit.’
      • ‘If children are present please refrain from non-standard English.’
      • ‘Under normal circumstances, dialects or non-standard Mandarin are not to be used.’
      • ‘The futility of constant correction of non-standard language in the classroom also receives support from academic research.’
      • ‘The requirement to answer in complete sentences recalls Labov's classic work on non-standard English.’
      aberrant, deviating, divergent, abnormal, atypical, untypical, non-typical, anomalous, digressive, irregular
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