Definition of non-specialist in English:



  • A person who is not an expert or specialist in a particular subject.

    • ‘Put across in a way which is accessible to non-specialists, this is fascinating material and yet the pure science involved is only part of the story.’
    • ‘Smith gives detail enough to satisfy historians of physics while maintaining a relatively accessible text for non-specialists.’
    • ‘These papers are all here, and they make hard reading for non-specialists.’
    • ‘This point often gets lost in discussions among non-specialists.’
    • ‘The vast majority of data are contributed by non-specialists, describing their own experiences of earthquakes.’
    • ‘The engineers were shocked to find they didn't perform tasks involving a significant engineering element as well as the non-specialists did.’
    • ‘The book's long-term perspective will make this work exceptionally valuable to specialists and non-specialists alike.’
    • ‘Even the non-specialists will stand a chance of winning a medal.’
    • ‘To non-specialists, it's not really clear what it amounts to.’
    • ‘One simple way to describe them is to say they are non-specialists who think they are specialists.’
    • ‘They will also give non-specialists an easy way to make identifications and provide access to detailed species information.’
    • ‘Prosumer's product, the Prosumer Suite, enables non-specialists to create complex and interactive web applications quickly and easily.’
    • ‘The general reader should be aware that the authors presuppose a fair amount of knowledge on the subject, which makes the book less accessible for non-specialists.’
    • ‘As a result, most opinions are inaccessible to non-specialists.’
    • ‘This clearly written, intelligently argued, and accessible study also should appeal to non-specialists.’
    • ‘Electronically produced sonograms can record its pitch content and structure graphically, but they are difficult for non-specialists to read.’
    • ‘Another way of finding out what the audience needs to learn about is to ask specialists what common errors in treatment are made by non-specialists.’
    • ‘Mesopotamian specialists will appreciate his efforts; however, non-specialists may find this work too difficult for their tastes.’
    • ‘Written for non-specialists, the book is organized into an introduction and 15 discrete essays.’
    • ‘Cognitive behavioural principles may be used by non-specialists to correct distorted thinking and to encourage behaviours that contribute to patients' sense of mastery and wellbeing.’
    non-professional, non-specialist, layman, layperson
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  • Not having or requiring specialist knowledge.

    ‘articles inform non-specialist readers about new scientific advances’
    • ‘While making Pacific music and dance cultures known is a valuable goal, some conceptual discussion would have benefited specialist and non-specialist readers alike.’
    • ‘It is geared towards the non-specialist college reader.’
    • ‘All the other non-specialist presenters are so bland they melt into one.’
    • ‘There are comparatively few quotes in either English or Irish and I suspect that this may give a non-specialist reader the feeling that the author is being too cavalier in his assumptions.’
    • ‘Although Stein's arguments are nuanced and complex, the liveliness of his transparent and often evocative prose makes the book accessible to the non-specialist reader as well.’
    • ‘Rigg's subject is fascinating and his material is rich, but the book's organization makes it problematic for undergraduate or non-specialist readers.’
    • ‘Sanders's study is comprehensive, clearly written, and accessible to the non-specialist reader.’
    • ‘The authors have carefully negotiated a narrative designed to enlighten a student and non-specialist readership.’
    • ‘The more complex behavioural approaches may not be suitable for routine implementation by non-specialist staff.’
    • ‘Schools were increasingly having to make use of non-specialist teachers or teachers on temporary contracts.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, as an introductory work for non-specialist readers, the book falls short in coverage and in exposition.’
    • ‘These appendices may not interest the non-specialist reader as most of the poems selected speak for themselves.’
    • ‘The introduction in fact presents just all about the information that non-specialist readers would need, both in the main text of the article and in highly informative summary tables of the chapter findings.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, An Irish Working Class does offer some rewards to the efforts of non-specialist readers.’
    • ‘To the non-specialist reader this gives the impression that the carvings have almost disappeared.’
    • ‘More importantly, it is written in a jargon-free language that is readily comprehensible to the non-specialist reader.’
    • ‘The message for the non-specialist reader is that cerebral palsy may be common in surviving infants with low weight births, but that most survivors do not have it.’
    • ‘There are no long musical quotations or discussions of musical theory to confuse the non-specialist reader.’
    • ‘Hooper steers a deft course through the theories and arguments, covering difficult, controversial territory clearly and never losing the non-specialist reader.’
    • ‘The text is detailed but generally well argued and clear enough for the non-specialist reader to find his or her way.’
    non-technical, non-professional, amateur, lay, lay person's, general, middle-of-the-road
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