Definition of non-serious in English:



  • 1Not significant or dangerous; slight.

    ‘patients with non-serious conditions’
    ‘disputes of a non-serious nature’
    • ‘He had a history of depression and non-serious attempts at self harm.’
    • ‘The suspect was taken into custody but was moved to Tallaght Hospital yesterday morning, where he was treated for non-serious injuries.’
    • ‘Common adverse reactions were generally mild and included non-serious infections, headache, depression, joint pains, and menstrual disorders.’
    • ‘Unfortunately some people see the ambulance service more as a taxi service and call us for non-serious injuries or illnesses.’
    • ‘Despite the drop in fatal incidents, the number of non-serious casualties has increased to the highest level in five years.’
    • ‘So far, company officials say the side effects have been temporary and non-serious.’
    • ‘Is there such a thing as a non-serious heart problem?’
    • ‘It would not be too difficult to draw up a list of prisoners found guilty of certain categories of non-serious, non-violent, non-sexual offences.’
    • ‘He had to receive hospital treatment for cuts to his hand caused by broken glass, although his injuries were described as non-serious.’
    • ‘With the information provided the incident was allocated a code green response - non-serious and non-life threatening.’
    • ‘Careless driving itself is such a non-serious offence that it cannot result in a prison sentence of any length.’
    flippant, glib, waggish, joking, jokey, light-hearted, facetious, fatuous, inane, shallow, superficial, senseless, thoughtless, ill-considered
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    1. 1.1 Not requiring or meriting deep reflection; light or humorous.
      ‘she made fun, non-serious movies’
      • ‘It has a bit of a disappointing ending but otherwise is well worth a watch if you want a non-serious movie.’
      • ‘Publishers are not against the genre of non-serious fiction per se.’
      • ‘Of course, for participation in non-serious discussions, there's a different set of requirements.’
      • ‘In the meantime, expect light and non-serious blogging.’
      • ‘I'm simply not in the mood for serious work or even non-serious work.’
      • ‘They've simply defined any dissenting opinion as non-serious.’
      • ‘Please note, I have removed all non-serious entries.’
      • ‘This applies both to painful feelings like pity and fear in the case of serious genres like tragedy and epic, and to pleasant ones like laughter in the case of non-serious genres like comedy and satire.’