Definition of non-secular in English:



  • Relating to or involving religious or spiritual matters.

    • ‘If non-secular artists could find a way to smuggle the word of God to the masses, with hundreds of watts of power behind them, why wouldn't they?’
    • ‘Is it fair to conclude the display is religious simply because the governments that erected it may have had non-secular motives?’
    • ‘"I'm uncomfortable when non-secular and government revenue start getting a little too mixed together," he said.’
    • ‘The director's nonsecular undertones are planted in the earth, waiting to grow into something awesome.’
    • ‘If these institutions want a nonsecular future, they must construct serious and sustained formative experiences for their lay faculty, staff, and administrators.’
    • ‘I had wanted to make a piece of work for a non-secular space for some time because I was always inspired by religious art.’
    • ‘The only way to miss the religious or nonsecular appearance of the monument would be to walk through the building with one's eyes closed.’
    • ‘He celebrated Christmas with a non-secular fervor.’
    • ‘The project clearly seems non-secular in nature and I feel a little uncomfortable having tax revenues go to that purpose.’
    • ‘After story time, the conversation turned to non-secular matters.’
    priestly, ministerial, clerical, ecclesiastic, prelatic, canonical, parsonical, pastoral
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