Definition of non-rigid in English:



  • 1Not rigid.

    • ‘As a result, 30% of paratroops and 590 non-rigid containers, which had been assigned to be dropped on the first night, remained stranded on airfields.’
    • ‘Their nonrigid skeleton has led to rare occurrence and poor preservation.’
    • ‘A likely cause may be the nonrigid connections between filaments and levers.’
    • ‘The cruciate ligaments are able to pivot where they are attached to the bones because they are made of a non-rigid material.’
    • ‘She often worked with non-rigid materials such as this, and in 1964 she initiated ‘vestiary’ sculpture, designed to be worn by the spectator.’
    1. 1.1 Denoting an airship whose shape is maintained solely by the pressure of the gas inside.
      • ‘The Navy had purchased five nonrigid airships from Goodyear in 1954 for the airborne early warning mission.’