Definition of non-reactionary in English:



  • Not reactionary; favouring political or social reform.

    ‘a non-reactionary policy’
    ‘several reforming and non-reactionary measures’
    • ‘Faking Literature touches on most topics germane to the subject, and it defends a relatively non-reactionary and historically balanced position, choosing arguments both from historical and multicultural perspectives.’
    • ‘Such wide developments can only be seen as reactionary in the sense that they left room for further improvement, were long overdue and under a more non-reactionary government would perhaps have been given earlier attention.’
    • ‘The majority of politicians, as wealthy land owners, were tax payers, and so the repeal was to their own personal advantage and not as non-reactionary as it might at first be considered.’
    • ‘As non-reactionary policy this was indeed a small gesture.’
    • ‘Further non-reactionary legislation was passed in 1819 in the form of the Cotton Mills Act and the setting up of a Bullion Committee.’
    • ‘Although basically a non-reactionary step it was countered by a reactionary one in 1825.’
    • ‘The fear of revolt and bloody revolution hung long and heavy over the early years of Liverpool's ministry and it can be understood, if not condoned, why few pieces of non-reactionary legislation were passed.’
    dispassionate, non-extreme, middle-of-the-road, non-radical, open to reason, equitable, impartial
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