Definition of non-rational in English:



  • 1Not rational.

    ‘emotive, non-rational arguments’
    • ‘But in a subtle way, these non-rational taboos could discredit and pre-empt the application of rational criteria in other spheres.’
    • ‘This is not to say that decisions, important or otherwise, are made strictly on a non-rational, intuitive basis.’
    • ‘On Homiak's analysis, the Aristotelian ideal of reason is guided and constrained by the non-rational side of the soul.’
    • ‘Sixth, non-rational human behaviour was accepted and explored.’
    • ‘Surely it is better to choose on the basis of rational or humanitarian reasons, rather than for non-rational reasons?’
    1. 1.1 Not able to be explained by reason.
      ‘the non-rational basis for his faith’
      • ‘These two women have access to non-rational, mystical ways of knowing, interpreting, and healing, ways that allow them, like the novel itself, to transcend binary logic.’
      • ‘We shall see in Chapter 10 that non-rational forces play an important role in sustaining organizations.’
      • ‘Likewise, I think that there are three categories of faith - non-rational, rational and irrational.’
      • ‘At its deepest a renewal of these ideals involves an integration of rational and non-rational values.’
      • ‘No matter how ‘intelligent’ it is, most of its appeal will always be non-rational.’