Definition of non-primary in English:



  • Ranking after someone or something else that is primary.

    ‘non-primary services’
    ‘non-primary roads’
    ‘non-primary caregivers’
    • ‘This shift toward more exciting, non-primary modes of transportation proves that.’
    • ‘Borrowing from the pointillist technique, Balla has not mixed his non-primary colors in advance, but creates those by painting contrasting dots in close proximity to one another.’
    • ‘Parents who took the role of the non-primary carer were disenfranchizing themselves of the right to claim equal participation in caring for the children should the couple divorce.’
    • ‘Even with non-primary services, it's important to keep the network running.’
    • ‘We feel that priority should be afforded to investment in non-primary roads, linking key tourist centres off the main trail.’
    • ‘The choices facing her and the school include employing non-primary personnel in a temporary capacity.’
    • ‘The professors considered offering the class in non-primary years, but ultimately voted against it.’
    • ‘Such feminists assume that the welfare of children conflicts with the parental rights of non-primary caregivers, who are overwhelmingly fathers.’
    • ‘The non-primary texts referred to are drawn from those most commonly found in university libraries; the listings are not absolute.’
    • ‘Butlin revealed an Australia in which, after the 1850s, the non-primary sector of the economy was undergoing rapid growth.’
    indirect, derived, derivative, resulting, resultant, concomitant, accompanying, consequential, contingent, second-hand
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