Definition of non-price competition in English:

non-price competition


mass nounEconomics
  • A form of competition in which two or more producers use such factors as packaging, delivery, or customer service rather than price to increase demand for their products.

    • ‘This is particularly important in industries where firms do not compete primarily in terms of price, but instead engage in non-price competition, such a product quality competition.’
    • ‘Determining whether non-price competition pervades segmented markets with externally-regulated prices offers new insight into hospital market conduct.’
    • ‘Competitive markets exist when there is genuine choice for consumers in terms of who supplies the goods and services they demand. Competitive markets are characterised by various forms of price and non-price competition between sellers who are bidding to increase or protect their market share.’
    • ‘And advertising can also be a useful tool if you are engaged in non-price competition, for example where a small dominant group of sellers wants to artificially keep prices high by giving an impression of fierce competition.’
    • ‘In response to such non-price competition, many states passed Certificate of Need laws in the 1970s.’