Definition of non-pregnant in English:



  • (of a woman or female animal) not pregnant.

    ‘pregnant women are at greater risk of malaria than non-pregnant women’
    • ‘The majority, 61.8 per cent of this cohort of relatively young, non pregnant women were seen at a sexually transmitted disease clinic.’
    • ‘Most medications that are safe in nonpregnant patients are safe in pregnant women.’
    • ‘Hair remnants, resembling Eastern tent caterpillar setae, were found embedded in the submucosa of the digestive tract of a non-pregnant mare fed caterpillar larvae.’
    • ‘I soon found out that it was a mass-produced letter to all able non-pregnant recipients.’
    • ‘Pregnant women are more likely to be hospitalized from complications of the flu than non-pregnant women of the same age.’
    • ‘Studies in nonpregnant patients have advocated intensive insulin regimens, often involving multiple daily injections, to optimize glycemic levels.’
    • ‘Prevalence increases over age 40, and the disease is much more common in men than in non-pregnant women.’
    • ‘Risk factors for pregnant women are the same as for nonpregnant women.’
    • ‘A pregnant or lactating woman needs more nutrients than a non-pregnant woman.’
    • ‘Recurrence rates were much higher postpartum than during the equivalent period for nonpregnant women.’
    • ‘Among experts in this field, there is considerable discussion regarding whom to immunize - nonpregnant adolescents or pregnant women in the first trimester.’
    • ‘The rate of cervical cancer in pregnant patients is similar to that in nonpregnant patients of the same age.’
    • ‘Pregnant females usually have lower blood glucose values than non-pregnant females.’
    • ‘Among the 102 non pregnant women in the present study, multiple serotypes were detected in 21.6 per cent.’
    • ‘Inclusion criteria for subjects in this study were 18-to 50-year-old males or non-pregnant female volunteers with no active disease states.’
    • ‘Such type specificity with viral load was not observed in pregnant / non-pregnant samples.’
    • ‘Smallpox infection among pregnant women has been reported to result in a more severe infection than among nonpregnant women.’
    • ‘The optimal interval for screening in the nonpregnant population is not known.’
    • ‘Using hair assays to measure compliance, pregnant women were compared with a control group of nonpregnant women.’
    • ‘Using a 30 years of data, researchers found these women had four times more blood clot problems than non-pregnant women.’