Definition of non-playing in English:



  • (of a member of a team or club) not playing in a game or sport.

    ‘the club ordered its non-playing staff to take a 10 per cent drop in salary’
    ‘he took his duties as the non-playing captain of the side very seriously’
    • ‘The non-playing captain of the team Suresh Subramaniam was optimistic about our chances at the tournament which will also take place at the Green Path courts.’
    • ‘Matthew Dunham, a partner in RSM Rhodes administrators, said non-playing staff at football clubs run a much greater risk than players.’
    • ‘That money will enable the club to pay its playing and non-playing staff their wages for July today.’
    • ‘Ten players were released, nine were made redundant and five non-playing staff also lost their jobs, but Boyle, too, suffered financially.’
    • ‘The Stradbally club has 148 playing members and 50 non-playing members.’
    • ‘This applies to both playing and non-playing members.’
    • ‘On the non-playing side of the club many thanks are due to all those involved with fund-raising during the year.’
    • ‘The players and non-playing staff are also showing their support by deferring up to 25 per cent of wages so that the club can move forward.’
    • ‘With the players now firmly in control of the Veteran's Committee and reviewing non-playing candidates only every four years, he'll have to wait quite a bit longer.’
    • ‘The cost for this year is €10 for juveniles and non-playing members and €20 for adult players.’
    • ‘Mr Lowe said the club was structured to absorb much of the financial pain, but he could not guarantee against redundancies for some of the non-playing staff at St Mary's.’
    • ‘Playing and non-playing members of Carlow Rugby Club who have undergone an ‘intensive training’ course on catwalk management will model the clothes.’
    • ‘On the way to London David ‘Farmer’ Marshall ordered the full works for the non-playing staff.’
    • ‘In addition, flank Blackie Swart comes onto the bench ahead of Marcel van der Walt although Van der Walt remains with the team as a non-playing reserve.’
    • ‘She'll gracefully decline the captaincy, and thereafter can run the team as its non-playing skipper.’
    • ‘Saha sat on the Wembley bench as a non-playing squad member when Newcastle lost to Manchester United in the 1999 final during a short period with the Magpies on loan from Metz.’
    • ‘How the non-playing staff would love those kind of assurances.’
    • ‘The other half will be used to make a gift to each of the non-playing staff at the football club.’
    • ‘The cost is €20 for playing members, €10 for non-playing members and juveniles.’
    • ‘Crystal ware was the theme of the day with eight prizes provided and presented by Lady Captain Margaret Rothwell at the evening dinner for 108 competitors and non-playing members.’