Definition of non-personal in English:



  • Not personal.

    ‘non-personal tax allowances’
    • ‘For while McCartney's songs were melodic, optimistic, and invariably non-personal in their expression, Lennon's were rhythmic, pessimistic, and more ‘subjective’.’
    • ‘Between 1988 and 1996, state permission was only required for non-personal forest exploitation.’
    • ‘If people start using it in that way, suggest an upgrade to the non-personal edition might be appropriate.’
    • ‘Accordingly, the theological language is that of being, nature, and substance interpreted by organic and non-personal metaphors.’
    • ‘Although I am still recovering from a serious illness, I will be pleased to answer general questions of a non-personal type.’
    • ‘It can be obtained through personal qualities or derived from non-personal characteristics such as wealth, social status, level of education, occupation, or authority.’
    • ‘Ms O'Reilly revealed almost 80 per cent of applications to her Office now involved personal information or a mixture of personal and ‘official’ or non-personal information.’
    • ‘Document and share non-personal information about emerging online fraudulent activity to stay ahead of criminals and new forms of online fraud’
    • ‘In non-personal injury cases, the limitation period is six years, not three.’
    • ‘She found that the requests for non-personal information had declined by 75 per cent, while requests from journalists fell by 83 per cent.’
    • ‘But, I want to encourage everyone not to slow down on e-mails with non-personal questions that I can try and answer.’
    • ‘Publicity is any unpaid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods, or services.’
    • ‘A resource centre for more than 3,500 community groups, The Wheel, also told the committee plans to impose fees for all non-personal requests for information would undermine its services.’
    • ‘This, according to the party, would be achieved by increasing non-personal taxes by 0.5 per cent of GDP per annum and may involve raising corporation tax to 15 per cent.’
    • ‘A cyclist or pedestrian is supposed to be able to file a report of a non-personal injury accident at a police station.’
    • ‘Someone hosting 50 people should pay more, but that should be handled as a non-personal situation on a case-by-case basis.’
    • ‘Requests for personal information under the legislation (which are free of charge) now account for three times the number of non-personal requests.’
    • ‘You can look at the world as they would see it, and that's a very non-personal domain of awareness.’
    • ‘It is most easily done by giving the horse a neutral, non-personal, name and registering its ownership under a syndicate.’
    • ‘Now, clearly this wasn't an academic blog in the strictest sense (it was a blog by someone in academia, and about experiences in academia), so not having it linked from a non-personal blog makes sense.’