Definition of non-passive in English:



  • Active; not passive.

    • ‘New forms of consumption have been created that have different characteristics; they are based on interaction and this means that they are dialectical, non-passive, and complex.’
    • ‘As a listener, I suppose I look for the type of music and performance that allows me some opportunity to interact in a non-passive manner.’
    • ‘As the film progresses, we discover that there are other types of war victims - the non-passive kind.’
    • ‘In a non-passive medium like the web people are information-seeking, interactive users as opposed to passive viewers.’
    • ‘In considering a nonpassive defense, the Army needs to take into account a number of Federal statutes.’
    • ‘These books will assist adults and children in the quest for nonpassive, more savvy viewing habits.’
    • ‘We specialise in making a song the best it can be on record, with our non-passive approach to music production.’
    • ‘If the government banned smoking, both passive and non-passive smokers would benefit.’
    operative, working, functioning, functional, operating, operational, in action, in operation, in force, live
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