Definition of non-negative in English:



  • 1Not negative.

    • ‘There's almost a palpable feeling of arms being twisted behind backs when a politician gives his or her non-negative view of the war.’
    • ‘Two patients categorised their feelings after reading the letter as negative, 71 as non-negative, and six did not understand the letter's content.’
    1. 1.1Mathematics Either positive or equal to zero.
      • ‘These masses and fluxes are expected to be non-negative.’
      • ‘These rate variation parameters are restricted to non-negative values.’
      • ‘We also required that the numerically estimated derivatives from Equation 8 be non-negative.’
      • ‘Among the topics which Frobenius studied towards the end of his career were positive and non-negative matrices.’
      • ‘The non-negative random variable T measures survival time.’