Definition of non-naturalistic in English:



  • Not closely imitating or based on real life or nature.

    ‘painting using non-naturalistic colours’
    ‘a non-naturalistic way of performing’
    • ‘Euripides characteristically opens his plays with a markedly non-naturalistic 'prologue', in the form of a monologue, which acts as a kind of separate overture.’
    • ‘The choreography of the exercises slowly appears to take on non-naturalistic overtones, hinting at the possibility that they might be stylized.’
    • ‘It is not a freeze frame: rather, the actors stand motionless, a jarringly non-naturalistic effect that presents the image as a symbolic summation of the poor's condition.’
    • ‘Having been praised for the poetic inventiveness of her first play, The Three Birds, I suspect she will take a lot of flak for writing a non-naturalistic family drama.’
    • ‘Their style of painting, using non-naturalistic colors, was one of the first avant-garde developments in European art.’
    • ‘Even a non-naturalistic play needs to be rooted in some kind of social reality, 'to hold the mirror up to nature'.’
    • ‘I like semi or non-naturalistic staging.’
    • ‘Their manifesto for cinema, launched in 1995, seeks to strip away such "luxuries" as set decoration, incidental music and non-naturalistic lighting.’
    • ‘His is a distinctive, non-naturalistic style often with an expressive or dramatic quality: the palette is restricted and strong red and blue dominate - perspective is distorted and figures or gestures can be exaggerated for emotional effect.’
    • ‘Thus he bought a single Matisse picture, but then sold it again, and never acquired any fauvist, cubist or non-naturalistic work.’