Definition of non-Maori in English:



  • A New Zealander who is not Maori, especially a white person.

    ‘he was the only non-Maori in the battalion’
    • ‘Maori remain disadvantaged in many areas compared to non-Maori in Aotearoa.’
    • ‘The source is the paper Progress Towards Closing Social and Economic Gaps Between Maori and Non-Maori.’
    • ‘Maori are over represented in the latter group, but there are also many non-Maori - both pakeha and Pacific Islanders.’
    • ‘The chief executive said the solid Maori audience and high interest from non-Maori provided a positive platform for the channel to build on.’
    • ‘Non-Maori who work with Maori need to overcome several potential barriers.’
    • ‘It is divisive and wrong, and an insult to New Zealanders, Maori and non-Maori alike.’
    • ‘Changes were necessary so the needs of Maori could be reconciled with the needs of non-Maori.’
    • ‘The principles of participation and partnership are inclusive for Maori and non-Maori.’
    • ‘More non-Maori than Maori are tuning in to the country's latest television channel.’


  • Not Maori; not of Maori descent or origin.

    ‘this group comprised a small number of non-Maori members’
    ‘non-Maori measures of wellbeing may be inappropriate for some Maori’
    • ‘The non-Maori childcare centre also has a strong Maori component.’
    • ‘First year assignments focus specifically on Maori themes, and are designed to be fair to both Maori and non-Maori students.’
    • ‘This is an important finding because it leans towards the view that non-Maori measures of wellbeing may be inappropriate for some Maori.’
    • ‘There is a trend for older Maori to attend some form of tertiary education compared to the rapid decline in the non-Maori participation.’
    • ‘Health promotion material that makes use of Maori content in a meaningful way is more effective than non-Maori material.’