Definition of non-malignant in English:



  • (of a tumour) benign; not cancerous.

    • ‘The former power engineer said his skull remained weak after two operations to remove non-malignant tumours and he was undergoing further tests after doctors raised fears of a third.’
    • ‘They will find that ‘cancer’ does not include many kinds of non-malignant tumour.’
    • ‘A ten-year study in Sweden suggested that heavy mobile phone users were more prone to non-malignant tumours in the ear and a Dutch study had suggested changes in cognitive function with mobile phone use.’
    • ‘Charlton striker Kevin Lisbie was recovering in hospital last week after an operation to remove a non-malignant tumour from his nose.’
    • ‘Richard Davis, 53, of London, enjoyed bridge, the cinema and meals out before taking medication for a non-malignant pituitary gland tumour.’
    harmless, non-cancerous, non-dangerous, innocent
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