Definition of non-life in English:



mass noun
  • The absence or cessation of life or existence.

    ‘the emergence of life from non-life’
    • ‘On Earth, we know intuitively that life is more important than non-life, that an animal is more important than a rock.’
    • ‘Most researchers in the area are honest enough to say they haven't got the faintest idea how life began from non-life.’
    • ‘By the early 1930s, Magritte had retreated into the non-life of solid Belgian respectability.’
    • ‘The instant of death is the same in both cases; but viewed from different standpoints: as the end of life, and the beginning of non-life.’
    • ‘Even the most fanatical evolutionist would concede that they cannot be some transitional stage between life and non-life, because living things would have had to exist before viruses could exist.’
    • ‘Of course life evolved from non-life, because we're here!’
    • ‘There's absolutely no way naturalistic way explain the spontaneous origination of organic life from inorganic nonlife.’
    • ‘At the molecular level there exists a "material unity" so that all matter - life and non-life - is indistinguishable and can be seamlessly integrated.’
    • ‘By 'negative' he means a retreat into non-life or death.’
    • ‘His most famous idea is the Gaia hypothesis, which holds that living organisms and non-life together form a coupled system in which life creates conditions that favour it.’
    • ‘He recognized that, just as life transforms non-life, so the human mind is unique among all living processes, in the way it transforms the biosphere.’
    • ‘She knew that being a royal also-ran ultimately amounts to a frustrating non-life.’
    • ‘Things pass one by one gradually from life into non-life.’
    • ‘When somebody says they can get life out of non-life, they're practicing fakery, not science.’
    • ‘"From nonlife to life is the greatest gap in scientific theory," Carnes said.’
    oblivion, non-existence, non-being
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