Definition of non-interlaced in English:



  • Relating to a mode of video or computer graphic display in which adjacent lines or picture elements are displayed in succession, forming a single scanning sequence.

    • ‘The DVD source was a Pioneer DV - 47a, which can be set to send out a non-interlaced signal, or use its own internal video processor.’
    • ‘With MPEG - 1, more than 70 minutes of good-quality video and audio can be stored on a single CD-ROM disc optimized for non-interlaced video.’
    • ‘If you compared it to a non-interlaced mode with the same dot clock and the same scan rates, it would be vastly superior.’
    • ‘It also features DVD decoding in hardware, backed by adaptive de-interlacing and video de-blocking filters for improved playback on non-interlaced displays, such as LCD panels.’
    • ‘It is capable of displaying non-interlaced full motion video at full-screen or in a resizeable window in 24-bit colour, even when the VGA card is set at a lower colour depth.’