Definition of non-industrial in English:



  • Not using or characterized by industry.

    ‘reverting to non-industrial modes of production’
    ‘a primitive island of non-industrial culture’
    ‘non-industrial countries’
    • ‘The proposal allocates 30 per cent of the space for non-industrial use, which is out of line with the 25 per cent stipulated in the development plan.’
    • ‘We invited all non-industrial civil servants working in the London offices of 20 departments to participate in this study.’
    • ‘The most common form of non-agricultural non-industrial investment is in property, especially in urban land markets.’
    • ‘Industrial and non-industrial pollution, coupled with the use of unsuitable building materials, can have a surprising effect on the weather.’
    • ‘One-third of non-industrial sewage in the cities went untreated on average, while no treatment was carried out at all in 193 of the country's 500 biggest cities.’
    • ‘In both cases, manufactured exports from the non-industrial state are magnified on an origin-of-movement basis.’
    • ‘There is also a new factor: the emergence of groupings of non-industrial fishermen, particularly in the developing countries of the South.’
    • ‘The Economist has a story suggesting that non-industrial forms of human activity also affect global warming.’
    • ‘In his belief that trade unions had to take stands on non-industrial policy issues, he became an important influence in the Democratic Party.’
    • ‘What we have is an industrial unit in a non-industrial location, so it is ideal as a kids' adventure centre.’
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