Definition of non-human in English:



  • Not human.

    ‘non-human material objects’
    • ‘A common answer is to say that objects that are clearly human have rights, whereas non-human objects do not.’
    • ‘What are our responsibilities toward the nonhuman world?’
    • ‘And he goes on to ask, ‘what price will human nature pay for these non-human artifices?’’
    • ‘Ebola hemorrhagic fever is a severe, often-fatal disease that affects humans and non-human primates, such as monkeys, gorillas and chimpanzees.’
    • ‘Crow believes the authors of these papers want to find precursors of language in nonhuman primates to support a theory of graduated evolution.’
    • ‘One looks toward the social behavior of nonhuman animals.’
    • ‘His theory was that animals were the ‘slaves of man’ and he spoke of the ‘tyranny of humans over non-human animals.’’
    • ‘The rights I would accord non-human animals are the rights not to be killed by humans - except unwittingly or in self-defence.’
    • ‘At the April 26th meeting, NIH agreed that such experiments might be pursued in animals, including non-human primates.’
    • ‘They also have educational value to us; they can teach us how to relate to nonhuman nature and how to develop as fully human beings.’
    • ‘The point, of course, is that these people are wrong in their analysis of the relationship between human beings and non-human animals, not that they're unpleasant.’
    • ‘We need to weave more elements of nonhuman nature into our urban and suburban worlds.’
    • ‘Why does the non-human animal deserve better than the human animal?’
    • ‘It calls on us to see each other and the nonhuman realm not as means to fulfill our self-interested ends, but as ends in themselves.’
    • ‘With nonhuman subjects, researchers can insert electrodes and record the firing of individual neurons.’
    • ‘What ethically significant feature can there be that all human beings but no nonhuman animals possess?’
    • ‘Although nonhuman animals can develop highly sophisticated systems of social security, this isn't always the case.’
    • ‘The technique, she believes, can even work on nonhuman species.’
    • ‘Also many more genes have been sequenced and functionally characterized for the mouse than for any other nonhuman mammal.’
    • ‘All religions believe that human ethics should be derived from a supernatural, non-human source.’
    • ‘Arguments about nonhuman consciousness range from claims of levels comparable to humans to refutation of any need to study such phenomena.’
    • ‘Scientific information receives far greater emphasis than does the subject of human interaction with the nonhuman natural world.’
    • ‘Yet others are more abstract questions concerning the value and moral standing of the natural environment and its nonhuman components.’
    • ‘Thomas will distinguish acts of a man from human acts, the former being activities truly found in human agents but also found in other non-human agents too.’
    • ‘The non-human section of the animal kingdom is often so much more interesting than the mixed up messed up human one.’
    • ‘This novel vaccine induces strong cellular and antibody immune responses in animal models, including non-human primates.’
    • ‘Humans and other species have engaged in a complex dance in which genes in non-human species, along with a variety of other human and natural forces, have played roles.’
    • ‘The Scottish Football Association confirmed that there was nothing in the international rule book to preclude non-human players from participating in top-level matches.’
    • ‘Thus, it may be worth developing these physiological methods to assess the level of vigilance in nonhuman organisms.’
    • ‘I long for the day when compassion for non-human animals and the environment will outweigh the human ego and lust for money.’
    • ‘From what is known, the six figures are nonhuman creatures with extraordinary, but evil powers.’
    • ‘It was a perverted and bizarre concoction of human and non-human noises.’
    • ‘If we shift the focus from human to non-human bodies, new topics, perspectives, and concerns come into view.’
    • ‘Furthermore, it is also possible to distinguish between a human and a non-human face, even if the difference between them cannot be reduced to a formula.’
    • ‘Some of the richest cultural variation, in nonhuman species, has been observed in chimpanzee populations.’
    • ‘In many symbolizations, the top point represents either the human head or a non-human Spirit.’
    • ‘Human curiosity about nonhuman animals takes many forms.’
    • ‘Singing evolved independently at least four times among nonhuman primates, contends Geissmann.’
    • ‘This ethic is grounded in my speciesism - my preference for reducing human suffering, even at the expense of non-human life-forms.’
    • ‘Half a century later many of these behaviors persist and are the subject of studies exploring nonhuman primate culture.’
    non-mortal, monstrous, devilish, demonic, demoniac, ghostly
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  • A creature that is not a human being.

    • ‘The evolutionary view, for humans and non-humans, suggests that organisms are designed to develop, learn, and behave in ways that are conditional on environmental influences.’
    • ‘It's a very optimistic study of the potential for humans and non-humans to pool their collective knowledge and sort out the horrible planetary mess we've made of things so far.’
    • ‘These groups ensure that non-humans and humans are part of the same moral domain.’
    • ‘Everybody, save for the non-humans, had fallen silent.’
    • ‘It's not our planet, and non-humans are also not ours.’
    • ‘Certainly this would include humans as well as non-humans, and for this reason, I (and many animal rights activists) fully support and champion the promotion of human rights.’
    • ‘They said that the apes were non-humans, so they viewed the world in a fundamentally different way than we did and so it was difficult to know what they were talking about unless someone was used to their mind set.’
    • ‘Most were non-violent, or involved violence directed at non-humans: aliens, ghosts, monsters and the like.’
    • ‘For six years you've been holding onto that guilt, passing it off as hatred for non-humans.’
    • ‘The functional approach means examining the role of emotions in human behaviour and then asking whether the function is the same in humans and non-humans.’
    • ‘Like in non-humans, lying by humans is rooted in the subconscious.’
    • ‘She was unsure about who took care of non-humans.’
    • ‘But if neither similarities of function nor similarities of mechanism between humans and non-humans can be reliably used to tell us about emotions in other species, what can we do?’
    • ‘The second part of the law was simple but brutal, stating that all non-humans had no choice in their government.’
    • ‘The non-humans are surprisingly life-like while the humans still retain the slightly awkward look of something designed on a computer.’
    • ‘Nearly every traditional human problem has been solved, and they live peacefully with benevolent non-humans.’
    • ‘The division between human and non-human may seem grossly arbitrary, but children's cartoon regulations allow for violence against non-humans while violence against humans remains regulated.’
    • ‘Her response has consistently been to delve into her tribal heritage and attempt to ‘go back’ to a world where humans and non-humans lived not as separate entities but as interdependent parts of a symbiotic whole.’
    • ‘According to Latour, social interactions are actively localised by objects, framed by associations between humans and non-humans.’
    • ‘Even the other non-humans weren't particularly friendly with her.’