Definition of non-hostile in English:



  • Not hostile or aggressive.

    ‘police will use a non-hostile approach’
    ‘troops wounded in non-hostile acts’
    • ‘Funny how our generation flagrantly disregards all the work that's been done to ensure that the workplace is a non-hostile environment free from sexual harrassment.’
    • ‘A soldier died from a non-hostile gunshot wound on Tuesday.’
    • ‘The study showed that men who express their anger have a 10 percent greater risk than non-hostile men of developing a heart flutter.’
    • ‘Given that they often occur in non-firing, non-hostile situations, what causes these accidents?’
    • ‘The total US death toll, including so-called non-hostile fatalities, now stands at 495.’
    • ‘The challenge will be to keep the inevitable competition as friendly (or at least non-hostile) as possible.’
    • ‘US casualties numbered 148 battlefield deaths (a quarter from friendly fire) and 121 "non-hostile" or accidental deaths.’
    • ‘The plane crashed; all on board were killed, their deaths classified as non-hostile.’
    • ‘The military described the circumstances surrounding the killings as "non-hostile."’
    • ‘Can we make this a completely non-hostile exchange of perspectives?’
    • ‘She attended the dedication of a Playspace project, designed to ensure that children should have the chance to play in a "non-hostile environment".’
    • ‘Bickering couples heal at 60 percent the speed of non-hostile couples.’
    • ‘Another 144 soldiers have died in non-hostile incidents, according to the Pentagon.’
    • ‘Writing a letter to the family of that service member who died in a non-hostile mishap is one of the most difficult aspects of command.’
    • ‘Whenever a baboon wishes to make a non-hostile approach to a weaker animal, he or she must make a friendly face and give a gentle grunt.’
    • ‘Both died of gunshot wounds in what officials described as "non-hostile" circumstances with no enemy involvement.’
    • ‘As a nice guy, I endeavor to be polite and non-hostile to everybody I encounter.’
    • ‘There is a distinction being made between hostile and non-hostile casualties with the latter going under-reported.’
    • ‘We are keen to develop our investment trust business in a non-hostile way.’
    • ‘Even if killed in a non-hostile action, these soldiers are no less dead, their families no less aggrieved.’
    friendly, good-natured, cordial, civil, courteous, polite, easy, easy-going, neighbourly, brotherly, fraternal, harmonious, cooperative, civilized
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