Definition of non-formal in English:



  • Having a relaxed or informal style or nature.

    ‘a non-formal friendly atmosphere’
    ‘non-formal systems of education’
    • ‘For children in the pre-school age, there are six non-formal education centres.’
    • ‘The aim of Creative Mentoring is to use the arts to heighten interest and awareness of the arts in non-formal settings.’
    • ‘The concept of village banking was started by David Walker who have been involved in non-formal education in Nepal.’
    • ‘They were so successful that non-formal classes for girls sprang up in almost all the 75 districts of the country.’
    • ‘A one-year non-formal training programme in electronics assembly is conducted for the benefit of youngsters.’
    • ‘There is a serious lack of non-formal, low cost facilities and activities for the youth population in the county.’
    • ‘Arrangements for non-formal education are provided to the children of the slum.’
    • ‘Here he met with social workers from Butterflies and enrolled in their non-formal education classes.’
    • ‘The objects are scattered on the cloth in a non-formal manner and the paintings show a sense of community feeling.’
    • ‘We also found that teachers and nonformal educators wanted more materials and training on biodiversity.’
    • ‘Female missionaries through their various churches established the first girls ' schools in both the formal and non-formal sectors.’
    • ‘This system emphasizes basic and non-formal education with the education of girls as one of the key elements.’
    • ‘The intention was to educate the children in a non-formal environment before they could be admitted to regular schools.’
    • ‘However, this form of education is of a nonformal nature and does not lead to a credential.’
    • ‘By the early 1990s, the major concern of the Mothers ' Union was non-formal education.’
    • ‘We also want to work on creating more partnerships, especially between schools and nonformal institutions.’
    • ‘Nonformal political actors are rendered invisible in the space of national politics.’
    casual, relaxed, easy-going, natural, unceremonious, unofficial, unstudied, unaffected
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