Definition of non-fighting in English:



  • Not engaged in fighting or aggression.

    ‘a non-fighting unit of the army’
    ‘non-fighting countries’
    • ‘The non-fighting public has to pay for every military action, after all.’
    • ‘The lord led warriors; the warrior fought for his lord; they were both serviced by non-fighting tenant farmers who owed their livelihoods to the lord.’
    • ‘Every additional non-fighting unit places its own logistic demands, is vulnerable and needs protection, and compounds the problems of mobility.’
    • ‘As a rule the non-fighting vehicles carried a name only, but there were exceptions.’
    • ‘More annoyingly, he translates this hyperactive camera trickery to non-fighting sequences.’
    non-participating, civilian, non-belligerent, pacifist, neutral, non-aligned
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