Definition of non-fattening in English:



  • (of food) not causing an increase in weight when consumed in normal amounts.

    • ‘‘Anywhere else in the world that I go to, the racecourses supply non-fattening foods including fruit and salads,’ says Smullen.’
    • ‘It's a fragrant, non-fattening feast for the senses that can also be absolutely affordable, if the flowers come right from your own back yard.’
    • ‘Fill the belly with non-fattening food and the hunger pangs will be less.’
    • ‘The new regulations have put an end to that and the good things is that, if the laws are changed, we will be able to sell this tasty, non-fattening meat all the year round.’
    • ‘If you need to put something in your mouth chew sugar-free gum or something healthy and non-fattening.’