Definition of non-expert in English:



  • A person without professional or specialized knowledge in a particular subject.

    ‘the material is hard for the non-expert to grapple with’
    • ‘Even to a military non-expert like me this seems ridiculous.’
    • ‘The author clearly understands that this is the key to using statistics for a non-expert.’
    • ‘The results are astounding to the non-expert.’
    • ‘The last level is cognitive intelligence which is influenced by rules, language and principles, and it helps differentiate the expert from the non-expert.’
    • ‘The staff are knowledgeable without being imposing, and managed to enthrall both a non-expert like me and a proper biker who was visiting at the same time.’
    • ‘It is hard for a non-expert such as myself to evaluate their evidence.’
    • ‘Weston claims that his book is an introduction for the non-expert.’
    • ‘Speaking as a non-expert, the title typeface looks like a close cousin of the Delphin font, but sharper, chunkier.’
    • ‘Empiric studies have shown that the quality of a review article is often superior when it is written by a nonexpert.’
    • ‘The report also seeks to provide some needed background for the nonexpert.’
    • ‘As a non-expert in such things, I find their arguments convincing.’
    • ‘This book is readable as a scholarly work, but is readily comprehensible to a non-expert in the field as well.’
    • ‘Please feel free to recommend any articles or posts designed to explain these issues to a non-expert.’
    • ‘Global tagging and aggregation is great if you're a non-expert trying to find resources on a subject where you don't know the jargon.’
    • ‘The detail is necessary and Deacon is skilled in making it accessible to the non-expert.’
    • ‘The suggestion by the probation officer should have been disregarded, as there is no basis for that opinion from a non-expert.’
    • ‘Experts must be prepared to be treated just like a non-expert.’
    • ‘A lot of poems are so obscure and complex that they are virtually incomprehensible to the non-expert.’
    • ‘To expert and non-expert alike, cyclones seem to have a capricious life of their own.’
    • ‘Indeed, to the nonexpert the research and results could easily appear to be more of the same.’
    layman, non-professional, amateur, non-specialist, man in the street, man on the street
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  • Not having or involving professional or specialized knowledge.

    ‘the only non-expert witness to be called’
    • ‘Concepts are introduced in ways which make them truly available to a non-expert readership and to beginning students.’
    • ‘They're faster to load than XML and non-expert users are less likely to muck about with them.’
    • ‘Another weakness of the book is the absence of a section to familiarize nonexpert readers with molecular terminology.’
    • ‘This book is a transcription of four lectures given by Feynman at UCLA to a non-expert audience.’
    • ‘A Web tool should make data from diverse agencies available to nonexpert, remote users.’
    • ‘Demonstrated expertise in any complex discipline commands some authority among the non-expert public.’
    • ‘This longstanding judgement is far from unique to popular, non-expert interpretations of Machiavelli.’
    • ‘I enjoyed your remarks about nonexpert comments in expert-driven forums.’
    • ‘Once published, such theories are often treated as valid by non-expert readers.’
    • ‘The signature, at any rate to my non-expert eye, does not look at all like Mr Duthie's signature, which appears on many of the documents in this case.’
    • ‘We use both our expertise and our common sense to place current events in a context that may not be self-evident to intelligent, but non-expert readers.’
    • ‘In writing this paper, we have tried to bear in mind both the expert and non-expert user and will no doubt have failed to satisfy either!’
    • ‘This more personal style improves the accessibility of the book to the non-expert reader.’
    • ‘The multimedia tour made her stay in the exhibition longer, made things more meaningful, and was accessible to a non-expert audience.’
    • ‘Often, these correspondents have enough experience covering economic affairs to provide much more thoughtful coverage than their non-expert competitors.’
    • ‘Multiple, non-expert reviewers may not be better than a single expert reviewer.’