Definition of non-exclusive in English:



  • Not restricted to the person, group, or area concerned; not exclusive.

    ‘the broadcaster will buy non-exclusive rights for games from time to time’
    • ‘The company has a non-exclusive licensing deal with a subsidiary of Samsung to develop the lenses for use in its camera phones.’
    • ‘This apparently led to the introduction of a provision in that agreement giving non-exclusive jurisdiction to the English courts.’
    • ‘Riverdeep signed an agreement with to provide a two year non-exclusive licence to market Riverdeep's online learning applications.’
    • ‘The social value of research tools as a means of making future discoveries is greatest when they are widely distributed on a nonexclusive basis.’
    • ‘While nonexclusive licenses are the best way to spread valuable technologies widely, companies often need exclusive licenses to make a profit.’
    • ‘Capital Radio outlined the next phase of its online strategy today, with the announcement that it has negotiated non-exclusive Internet rights to music companies ' playlists.’
    • ‘Megabeam has also secured a non-exclusive deal to provide its service at 15 major UK railway stations.’
    • ‘If they're stocking 10 percent of work from a nonexclusive publisher, they might stock 100 percent of the stock from a publisher with an exclusive contract.’
    • ‘Much of the detail will remain confidential, although from the excerpts released it's clear that this will be non-exclusive and non-binding.’
    • ‘We would like to review with you opportunities to further develop our trading relationship on a non-exclusive basis and on new terms.’
    • ‘BT will also have non-exclusive distribution rights in Europe and will stump up license fees from software sales.’
    • ‘The new nonexclusive deal now expands Sony's reach.’
    • ‘Oxford University will keep any patents as well as a royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use the intellectual property internally.’
    • ‘As was the case with Time Warner, Microsoft has signed a long but non-exclusive deal.’
    • ‘A middle man delivers the product to retailers on a non-exclusive basis.’
    public, general, unrestricted, accessible to everyone, non-restrictive
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