Definition of non-European in English:



  • Not European.

    • ‘National rivalry was thus stimulated by competition in the wider world both between European powers and between European and non-European powers.’
    • ‘The hotly debated questions of what caused ‘new imperialism’ and what effects it had on the various European and non-European actors cannot be discussed here.’
    • ‘In Chapter 2 it was argued that the expansion of European societies led to increasing contacts between European and non-European peoples.’
    • ‘The committee comprised a European official, three non-European officials, two ‘native’ officials and one native non-official.’
    • ‘Europe therefore learnt about non-European societies through other Europeans, predominantly through what they wrote about them, but also through attempts visually to represent them.’


  • 1A person who is not a European.

    ‘the art and music of non-Europeans’
    • ‘Many of us non-Europeans go to Europe for the historic effect.’
    • ‘Very few non-Europeans were in a position to propagate their values in Europe in return.’
    • ‘This speaks to a long-standing European anxiety about being swamped by non-Europeans.’
    • ‘The Ballon d' Or recognises not only Europeans but non-Europeans who play their club football in Europe.’
    • ‘Is this another wedge to divide Europeans and non-Europeans?’
    1. 1.1South African dated A person of African, Asian, or mixed ancestry.
      • ‘For non-Europeans, of course, the case had long been very different, and laws embodying what was called the White Australia Policy were among the first to be passed by the parliament of the new Commonwealth of Australia.’
      • ‘The Nationalist Party from its inception had always pursued a policy of justice and fairness towards all sections of the population - English-speaking, Afrikaans-speaking, Africans and other non-Europeans.’
      • ‘So, non-Europeans are accounted for but what about ethnic and gender discrimination?’
      • ‘This policy was consolidated by excluding Chinese and other non-Europeans from the 1880s under the White Australia policy.’
      • ‘Most got their ‘evidence’ about Africans and non-Europeans second and third-hand from the actual conquerors and enslavers.’